Dora Dallwitz 2000


Like other archetypes before her - Artemis/Diana, the Nullarbor Nymph is connected to the wild and connected to the hunt. Quoting from an article in The Daily Mirror Jan 7 1972 -

this does not deter parties of men trying to locate her, photograph her and - hog-tie her and drag her screaming into Eucla.

There were several such references in articles written about the Nullarbor Nymph in the early 70s. Her sexuality, which was so vital to her media success then, and still vital to her popularity today, is also the source of her shadow material. According to Marilyn Strathern in her article in Nature, Culture and Gender - Womens sexuality is the dangerous - wild - that men must bring under control. Connected to nature, the Nullarbor Nymph calls to notice a common construction of the land as feminine in Western European tradition. This connection between women and nature has in turn led to the concept of Eco-feminism which suggests that as women have been challenging their own oppression they have also been challenging the abuse of the entire planet.