Beneath layers
of meaning
uncovering moments
of primordial existence?
Perhaps not.
Only the speculation of being.
Archetypal energy
which rises from our depths
animating and creating life.

Beer drinking kangaroo shooters become
the outlet for our collective unconscious.
The anima projection of Wild Woman
with no voice.
Only the power
to capture the heart and soul?
of Everyman
and Woman?



A companion seeking other meanings
also treads her delicate track.
Toes digging into the red earth
- after the Desert Rat.

Building other levels -
Other readings.
She leads him on -
t-a-u-n-ting him with the promise of everything.
Only to accompany him finally
back to his own projections.


A mythic being who entwines herself in the mind
creating pathways of further manifestation.
Tony's work -
A carefully rendered dress
discarded and seemingly authentic
with a newspaper cutting in the pocket.
A beam of light through rusty bullet holes
of an old vehicle
saved from deterioration in the landscape,
pierces the sound of few people
exploring the possibilities of reality.



Media exploration.
Like that which
goes on in outer space.
With large craters and a huge eye
searching relentlessly for prey.

Object of desire
Remain hidden in the comfort of thy land
For there-in lies warmth.



She belongs to all people
and yet is known by few.

One wonders about duty.
One's instinct to share.
Or does she come only to those
who are searching
for the true trickster spirit?



The nothingness of time.
The hard, feeling sense of sensuality.
The ethereal presence of the landscape
all conglomerate into Otherness.



She beckons
to the maddening call of city life.
A bus load of fleshy people,
clad in sweaty, bussy clothes
leave an offering.
Some lollies and a white bread sandwich.
They believe
that there is really someone there.
Living in the dark bush.
They are frightened for her.



Oh! Blessed people of the earth.
Take yourselves up and hold on tight to what you knew then
For She is out there,
Central and running free.
And She has lived forever.

half obscured by shadows
deeply intuitive
Survivor of a symbolic hunt.
Silent and speeding.

Totemic clan of the kangaroo.
Movement, blurred and merging
into an integrated whole.



Possessed by the possibility of renewed life.
Heart beating
Adrenalin rushing
Agitated thinking
Restless being.
Thanks to the wildish spirit
which will always be there now.
With a name and a place.

Rippled sands of either
the emptiness
that sustains no life
Or the deeper, pre-conscious
levels of sustenance -
Nourishing and unpredictable.

Embryonic entity.
Living beneath knowledge.
Breathing the air of culture.
Shifting slowly.