Dora Dallwitz

Sculptures from 1974 - 2008

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After the Nullarbor Nymph Bronze 2003/2004



Sicilian Nocturne I 2006



Sicilian Nocturne II 2006

Head Pot 2000

Head Pot 2000

Talking Heads 2007


Mould exhibited as sculpture 2000

Under Cover 2002

Camouflaged environment. Life size.1992

Blue Poles 2002

Coiled figure for camouflaged environment

Maquette for sequence - Opening 1992

Mandala - Weighing up the Possibilities 1993

Coiled ceramic figure, tattooed and with wig 1998


Volkswagon Dreaming. Life size child mounted on old car engine. White cement/Acrylic 19941



Different versions of torso cast from mould 1997


Wood fired terracotta. 45cm. 1987

Wood fired terracotta.1985



Variety clay types and firings. 1985

Unfired coiled ceramic. 1985

Unfired terracotta.1986

Glazed white ceramic. 1986

Unfired white clay. 1986. 40cm



Electric fired terracotta.1986. 30cm

Electric fired terracotta. 1987

Wood fired Ceramic1985.

Electric Fired terracotta. 198



Ceramic head cast from mould. Original coiled in 1992








Ceramic head cast from mould.Original coiled in clay. 1992

Coiled ceramic sculpture1980 


Based on a photograph of Sally Scales. Girl with Spinifex1996 1m



Wood fired figure with pot .1985

Small terracotta torso 1997

Small electric fired terracoota figure.1998


Coiled terracotta figure. Approx.1m 1990

Installation. Fertile Sands. SEAS Gallery 1995



Coiled Ceramic. Wood Fired.1982

Life size fibre glass figure 1999

Close up of life size fibre glass figure 1999

Life size fibre glass figure 1999

Bronze. 25cm. 1984




Ceramic sculpture1984



Self Study 1974/75 Life Size and Cast in Fibre Glass.